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Individuals and small groups sharing information about geographic locations is important for human survival and sustainable ecosystems.


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Discussion primarily about collaborative map opportunities

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Discussion primarily about collaborative and sharing image opportunities

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Discussion primarily about how mobile phones are being used for GeoWeb, ImageWeb and other networking opportunities.

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Discussion primarily about how people can initiate or join Common Adventure projects organized arouund environmental and place based interests.

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Discussion primarily about the web becoming more searchable for geographic location and specific content, knowledge and data.

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Discussion primarily about open sharing and use of software, technologies and content made available for public collaboration

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This online project was used to demonstrate GeoWeb Networking at the Idaho Environmental Summit in 2008. It remains open to all for viewing and will be updated as time permits.

Historically, the process of cooperatively sharing ideas and resources between small human groups living in a local environment has always been important for the individual and group survival. A "Common Adventure" is a timeless networking process we all engage in often and starts when one individual expresses an idea for a project and others, who share this interest, join in the effort. Common Adventures may be very simple and short or longer in duration and include only a few people or be more complex involving a small or larger group who are all equally responsible for planning and trying to reach the objectives they seek. Often these projects are place based or geographically oriented to where we live work and play.

It is estimated that 70-80 % of web site information is related to a geographic location and a new Geospatial Web (GeoWeb) is also being created to categorize specific data and information related to place and time. Furthermore, the increasing capabilities of smart mobile phones already are creating geographic Mobile Web networking opportunities that would have been unbelievable a few years ago.

This GeoWeb Common Adventure Network offers categories of forum discussions as an opportunity to ask questions and contribute your own ideas, knowledge and projects related to geographic places you care about. See the column on the left and explore the following topics: GeoWeb, ImageWeb, MobileWeb, Interest/SocialWeb, Semantic or Linked Data Web, & OpenSourceWeb.


Below is a dynamic Google Map used to Create Mountain Visions GeoWeb locations and Web links at the Idaho Environmental Summit Presentations on November 18-19, 2008 . We are also providing similar Google Maps that can be editied by participants at the Summit. Please read the GeoWeb forum discussions for details. Note that a new "Maps" page has also been added where similar maps can be contributed.

Mule Deer Browsing (YouTube has made Higher Quality videos available) This one is added to this main page, but I have now created a video section where other videos can be uploaded.


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